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Why Massage Par Excellence?


The opportunity to have a great massage is so within reach now. Thank God, this is not yet another massage clinic chain giving you an “assembly line” massage; thank heavens this is not another “school of massage” pushing a massage from an inexperienced student; nor is it one of those “therapeutic” massage shops operating from a basement.

This is your friendly neighborhood massage place where a professional yet friendly soul will want to know you and help you. Like those good old times your parents always talked about.

A day on the lake? A road trip out of state? Or did you host a backyard cookout? The muscles are aching and you just need a genuine massage to make you get up and get ready for the week ahead. Call in for an appointment and give your muscles and body the onceover they need.

Or come in for the tried and trusted “Champi” or Indian Head Massage. This is a 4000 year old technique from India consisting of massaging the neck, back, scalp and hair. Whether you are a housewife or a person hunched over the computer the entire day, the warm coconut oil on your back, neck and scalp will not only remove the tension from your muscles but also soothe your nerves.

Come, Des Moines, experience something that is way beyond the ordinary-come experience a Massage Par Excellence.

Massage Par Excellence-Where massage is not an event, it is an experience