subbanna varanasi


It was the year 1980 when I started as a Masseur in the health club of the opulent 5-star Oberoi Sheraton hotel in Mumbai, India. The seniors taught me how to give a Swedish massage. I would give four massages to my seniors in a day and would take a massage in return.

I immediately liked the instant relief from stress and fatigue I could provide to the clients. They were mostly foreigners, crew members of a couple of airlines, including Lufthansa, British Airways, and Singapore airlines.

Crew members who would travel to probably a dozen countries or more by the time they returned the next time would immediately fix an appointment with me, much to the chagrin of the other masseurs. Sometimes crew members would fix an appointment with me for a date and time a month ahead. They would tell me”I take a massage in most every country I visit, but you are the best”.  That would please me to no end. I wanted to remain in the profession (that’s what I knew it was) forever. 

It took me some years to finally understand and come to realize that it is not just a profession but it is much more than that. It is an art, a blessing-a path to soothe and comfort and make people relax and rejuvenate in a way that only a healing touch can provide. A word can provide comfort and solace but the gentle human touch can literally heal.

Since that time in 1980, I have travelled to more than 25 countries and worked in half a dozen countries. I worked in health clubs of grand hotels, on oil rigs in the deserts of the Persian Gulf, served in classy restaurants on Park Avenue in New York City, tended bars on cruise ships, and ran my own company translating and interpreting languages, but I knew I would have to return home to what I cherish the most-giving a massage.

When I returned to Des Moines I enrolled in the College of Massage and the Healing Arts Center.  There I learned the art and science of massage.  After completing the program I took the state licensing exam and became a licensed massage therapist.

I just thoroughly enjoy what I do-providing that soothing, stress relieving experience of a massage.  

Come, central Iowa, experience something which is way beyond the ordinary-come experience a Massage Par Excellence.



Subbanna Varanasi, LMT

Licensed by the State of Iowa

Member of the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association)